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We Shake and Strain So You Don’t Have To

Everyone knows the best place at any gathering is around the bar. It’s not really about the drink though, is it? 

It’s about walking into a crowded room and finding a friendly face. 
It’s about the comfort of an old friend. 
It’s about trying something new and exciting.
It’s about knowing you can have exactly what you like everytime. 
It’s about celebrating life’s best moments with the people you love. 

At Chicago Mixology we know that what’s in the glass is equally as important as the people you’re celebrating with. Events just aren’t the same without a bar to cozy up to and a support team to make you look amazing. 


Our mixologists are more than drink mixers. We craft drinks that provide a moment of harmony, relaxation, and release. Where nothing else matters… except your party.

What drinks do for your guests, our staff does for you. It’s just like that first sip of your signature drink. 

Reliable, Relatable, Relaxing, and Satisfying. 

We know a successful event is about more than just the drinks. And that is exactly what we do.

Welcome to Chicago Mixology. Shaken or Stirred? 


Here at Chicago Mixology we  are ready to do all of the shaking and straining at your next event. 

From weddings, wine tastings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, to birthdays and family gatherings our team of mixologists and service staff are ready to blend, lift, chill, float and muddle your guests through a fabulous evening. 

Our Service Offerings Include: 

 The Super - Full Bar Set Up, Service, and Tear Down
Super Premium Liquor
Imported and Domestic Beer
Soft Drinks

*Requires 3 hour minimum. Custom selections require custom pricing. 

The Premium - Full Bar Set Up, Service, and Tear Down

Premium Liquor
Imported and Domestic Beer
Soft Drinks

*Requires 3 hour minimum. Custom selections require custom pricing. 

The Call - Full Bar Set Up, Service, and Tear Down
Call Liquor
Domestic Beer
Soft Drinks

*Requires 3 hour minimum. Custom selections require custom pricing. 
The Team- Service Staff 

We provide professionally dressed, highly trained, and event ready waitstaff and utility team members. 

Our staff can act as order takers, cocktail waiters, event set up assistance, event break down and clean up services. 

Our hourly and event rates allow you to select the level of service that best fits your event needs. 



Hello I’m Walter Shumpert - Master Mixologist. 

I was a 15 year old busboy at an exclusive private club in Chicago when the bartender called in sick to the wedding. My boss yelled “Walter get back there and pour something!” And I haven’t stopped since. 

My life has been centered around learning everything I could about spirits and wine. I trained under Patrick Fegan, at the Patrick Fegan School of Wine, became a classically trained chef, and began traveling the world to learn more about the trade I love. 

I fuse the knowledge from expansive world travels and my personal style to create technique’s, teach them to others, and develop food and beverage programs for multiple institutions. 

Pouring the perfect signature drink - designed with you in mind- never gets old. The perfect mix comes from a great understanding of the host, the goal of the event, and the best mixologist in town. 

My staff and team of mixologists have been trained to operate with a high level of skill and expertise. I have trained hundreds of bartenders, servers, and mixologists who have gone on to have wonderful careers or will be serving at your next event.

My team knows that they need Walter’s seal of approval before they ever service an event! 
I take great pride in the professionalism and knowledge of my team and employ the best mixologists and event staff in the Chicagoland area. 

We shake and strain - So you don’t have to! 


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